Date night


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Date night

All good stuff for relaxing at home <3


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All good stuff for relaxing at home &lt;3

All good stuff for relaxing at home <3


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All good stuff for relaxing at home &lt;3

A Nice Little Sunday


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A couple weeks ago, Hub and I had a great Sunday afternoon together. We were planning on going to my parent’s house later that day for family dinner, so we decided to make some clam chowder to bring along with us. We followed this recipe. We put J down for a nap and started prepping the soup. Hub even cracked a beer. 😊




It was so nice just hanging out in the kitchen catching up with him. It sounds silly, but we both get so busy and sometimes preoccupied with J that we don’t get to connect with each other. It was such a simple afternoon, but it was exactly what we needed to finish the week.

Plus, the finished product was delicious!


Dreaming of a day at the beach with my boy


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Dreaming of a day at the beach with my boy

Perfect for a day at the park


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Perfect for a day at the park

Snow Much Fun!


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I’ve mentioned before how much I love summer and warm weather, but I’ve been trying to make the best of this winter weather. This is by far the coldest winter I can remember, and we’ve gotten so much snow too. Last winter, J and I still got outside for walks, but that has been really hard this year due to the frigid temps. Every morning when I open the curtains, J points outside and says, “Snow”. Yeah, buddy, it’s still snowy out there. We’ve done our best to enjoy it as much as possible.

We’ve gone sledding over at Aunt A’s and Uncle J’s with the cousins and Grandma.


We went to the Winter Light Parade in town.


We’ve played in the backyard, made snow angels, gone for very short walks and even helped daddy shovel.







See winter? See all the fun we’ve had with you? Now it is time to go. We are dreaming of warm weather and sunshine!


3 Month Wrap-up

Well, since it has been way too long since my last post, I thought I would try to quickly sum up the last 3 months with pictures.

Here goes:
We started “school” once a week and absolutely LOVE it! We have so much fun there each week and learn a lot too.

We went for countless wagon rides in the fall.


J dressed up as a monkey AND a bear for Halloween, and was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen :)




We played in the leaves



Did some very important training ;)


Made a turkey at school that is still hanging next to his high chair. We point to it and say “hi turkey” at least once a day.


We got ready for Christmas. J loved looking at the Christmas tree.He was really, really good at looking and not touching. I couldn’t believe it.



We went to meet Santa with our cousins.




We made LOTS and LOTS of cookies at Aunt A’s with our cousins.


We got all dressed up for Christmas Eve.


J got a kitchen for Christmas and loves it! He is always cooking something up!


He even helped me make Christmas dinner.


Daddy had to work long hours over Christmas vacation, so we went to his work to visit him.


Finally, we went to our first indoor water park with cousins.


Of course, I am missing a ton of fun things we did, but this will do for now! :)

The Great Pumpkin Hunt


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Today was the first day in a while that I didn’t have to babysit and I didn’t have something else planned for J and I to do. So, we got up, he had his breakfast, I had my coffee, and then we just kind of sat there. I looked outside at the bright blue sky and decided we needed to get out there. Normally, we would just go for a walk, but it was way too chilly for that. I remembered that I STILL had not got us any pumpkins for Halloween, so I decided we would go on an adventure to find some.

I actually didn’t expect this to be much of an adventure because I knew of two places that sold pumpkins on the side of the road that were less than a mile from my house. I didn’t want to go to a cider mill because I wanted to give our business to a family that grew their own pumpkins. So, we loaded up and headed to the first place that I’ve seen pumpkins being sold for years. No pumpkins. Then, to the next place. No pumpkins there either. Hmmmph. Maybe God knew we needed a real adventure. So, I drove a little further, then turned down a dirt road.


I figured I might as well do this right. We would find pumpkins down an old dirt road! I turned up the country music and just took in the beautiful scenery. The fall leaves against the beautiful blue sky backdrop were breathtaking.


We came to a bridge over a small river and got out to get a better look. So beautiful. We got back in the truck and just kept driving. We went down roads that I’ve been down before, but I was noticing new, beautiful things for the first time.


After about 45 minutes of driving, there were still no pumpkins to be found. I thought about asking one of the houses with several pumpkins on their porch if we could just buy some of theirs. ;)

J must have not been enjoying the ride as much as I was or he was just getting ready for lunch because he started whining in the back seat. I decided to turn around and start heading back for home. I figured I would have to just get our pumpkins at the cider mill over the weekend. Then, I turned off the dirt road and passed by a sign out front of someone’s house. I turned around in the next driveway and went back. PUMPKINS!! It was the smallest little pumpkin stand I have ever seen, but it was oh so cute.


It even went by the honor system (my favorite). I think we only had 4 or 5 pumpkins to choose from, but they were some of the best pumpkins I’ve seen. We picked out one big one and one small one and left our money in the tin can.

Mission accomplished!


Enjoying Fall


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We have had the best weather this week. It has been 70 and sunny every day, and I can’t get enough of it. When the weather is like this, I feel like I have to soak every ounce of it in because I know it is only a matter of time until we’re banished to the house with freezing temps outside. So, I’ve been taking J and the girls outside to play at every chance I get.


We’ve gone for tons of wagon rides, blown bubbles, played with the landscaping rocks, gone to the neighbors, rolled the ball back and forth, played with the leaves, sat in the lawn chairs, gone to the park and even had a picnic.

Tonight I took J to the park after baby A left for the day. It was so beautiful out, and the water looked like glass. He brought his rake with him, (he’s been taking his rake everywhere this week – it even went to little A’s bday party) so I took him over to the sand to play with it. He had a blast. He was digging in the sand, staring at the water and pointing to the birdies.




We, of course, had to stop at the swings before we could head for home. Little man is a huge swing fan!


Oh, and I have to mention that today was the first time I styled his hair with product. I have to admit, he looked like a little stud ;)


It was such a beautiful evening with my little guy and a perfect way to wrap up our week. <3


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