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When Hub and I started dating we ate out… a LOT. We both lived near a college town, so we always had a plethora of choices. We started getting hooked on the “fresh-mex” type restaurants like Qdoba, Pancheros and last, but certainly not least, Chipotle. I think we ate at one of those restaurants at least once a week. I saw some of the signs in Chipotle about their naturally raised meat, which I thought was really cool. I started to do a little more research and found out that when possible, they use all naturally raised and antibiotic free meat, organic veggies (when practical), and do a lot of other really great things too like using 100% recycled content in their napkins. You can check out more of their awesome story here.So, yes, they have a great story, but most importantly, the food there is outstanding! Compared to the other similar places, I would always choose Chipotle. I wish I could eat there every day. Seriously. Hub and J love it too! Unfortunately, now we live about 30 minutes away from the closest one, so I don’t get to go there as often as I’d like.


Baby J trying water out of a straw for the first time at Chipotle

They are always grilling meat when we go in, so I know it is freshly made. I’ve never had an issue with any of the food there. The lettuce and other veggies are always fresh and nothing looks like it has been sitting out all day (like some other places I know). I always ask for a side of rice and beans for J, and they always just give it to me, free of charge. (Yay!)

Black bean beard :)

We’ve walked in before when there has been a line out the door, and we’ve never waited longer than 5 or 10 minutes. The staff is always great too. They’ve helped me bring over a high chair or carry the food out to me when I’ve had my arms full with J. One time, BFF and I went with baby J and A, and they came out and gave a us a buy one get one free coupon. It is just so nice to always have such a great experience with customer service in a “fast food” restaurant. The tables and floor are always clean, which is a big plus in my book.

Honestly, there is nothing there that I could complain about. You can get a quick, (for the most part) healthy, delicious meal in a great atmosphere. Sounds perfect to me! Ok I’m off to dream about my next burrito bowl! ;)

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